The Basics


  • Complete the form, press submit and your advert goes live on for 60 days. It is also emailed to any subscribers whose search criteria your job meets, highlighted throughout, and fed out to external social networks (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter).

    After you have posted your advert, visit the main home page, where you will see it listed immediately. Click the link and check you are happy with the layout. If not, then click 'Manage my Adverts' in the Job Section, edit and save your changes.

    Then USE THE SHARE BUTTONS in your advertisement to share it on (for example) Facebook (we already post on external networks, but this will give it additional exposure). 
  • InBuilding Jobs offers advanced features (at no extra cost) to make your advert stand out. We strongly recommend you read these instructions before posting your advertisement.
  • At any time, you may return and edit your advertisement, delete it or see how it is performing, by clicking 'Manage your adverts' on the InBuilding Jobs homepage. However, editing and resubmitting your advert does not move it back up the list (there is no need, as our job list is geographically targeted).
  • After your advertisement has expired, you may renew it as needed, which will then move it back up to the top of the list.
  • DO read our full terms and conditions here; they are reasonably succinct!


  • It's straightforward, when you arrive in the job section, jobs are displayed in the order they were advertised. Enter the postcode, town, city county or country of the area you are looking in, and the list re-orders by distance / recency).
  • Alternatively (or in addition), you can filter by job type, type of practice, contract type or hours. 
  • Press subscribe to be alerted by email of ONLY those new jobs that meet your criteria (further instructions here).


If you are unsure about how any aspect of the system works, ring 0207 183 2511 or email [email protected]. We're here to help.