ARBThe ARBs Professional Conduct Committee has found Dr Jeremy Harrall of Spalding, Lincolnshire guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and fined him £500 after he was cautioned by police for assault following an altercation after a planning committee meeting in October 2013.

Dr Harrall attended the PCC hearing and admitted that he had voluntarily accepted the police caution. However, he denied that the assault had occurred as alleged, stating that he had defended himself in a restrained manner from assault by a crowd of angry objectors. Dr Harrall stated that he had accepted the caution in order to protect his clients, the project and the profession from the negative publicity of a criminal trial.

The PCC found that Dr Harrall’s guilt of assault, necessarily admitted by his acceptance of the police caution, was a serious lapse of the standards expected of an architect and amounted to unacceptable professional conduct. In considering sanction, the PCC took into account that this was an isolated incident and that the conduct had not seriously affected clients or the public. The PCC concluded that the appropriate sanction was a penalty order in the sum of £500.

A copy of the Committee’s decision can be found here.